Renewable Energy Group, Inc.


Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG) utilizes Bio-Synfining® technology developed and patented by its Synthetic Fuels division in Tulsa, Oklahoma at its renewable hydrocarbon diesel plant in Geismar, Lousiana. We acquired the 75-million gallon a year nameplate capacity biorefinery and launched Synthetic Fuels in 2014. The process allows our Geismar plant to utilize a wide array of feedstock, including inedible corn oil, animal fats, grease and vegetable oils to produce a renewable fuel that meets the same ASTM-D975 specification as petroleum diesel.


The Bio-Synfining® process utilizes a wide variety of feedstock that are turned into high quality renewable fuel. The first step involves the pretreatment in which contaminants are removed to create a pure feedstock that ensures the proper reactions using REG proprietary catalysts. During this process, filters are used to remove physical contaminants and chemicals are mixed with the filtered feedstock in a centrifuge to separate out water, solids and other potential remaining contaminants.After pretreatment, feedstock goes through hydrodeoxygenation in which oxygen and double-bonds are removed. In this process, fatty acid chains are saturated and oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen are removed, creating a pure hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbons are then isomerized, or reconfigured, into different shapes and smaller molecules. This is what gives renewable hydrocarbon diesel its unique cold flow properties. The hydrocarbons then go through fractionation in which they are separated into three products: renewable hydrocarbon diesel, renewable naphtha and liquefied petroleum gas. Any remaining hydrogen or hydrocarbon gas is used as fuel gas internally or sold to third parties. 


Bio-synfining® is a registered trademark of Renewable Energy Group, Inc.